Brightening & Firming Moisturizer


STEM SCIENCE™ Brightening & Firming  has anti-wrinkle effect and helps to keep your skin clean, soft, balanced, pure and brightening. Uttwilers Spatlauber also enrich with collagen, which is the main protein structure of the skin. It provides excellent smoothing and hydrating features. With STEM SCIENCE™  Brightening & Firming, you can mantain your skin beauty regiment. STEM SCIENCE™  as combining science and nature to deliver the state-of-art youthful sensation to meet your desire.

– Moisturizer that hydrates the skin and prevent water loss.
– Reduces the depth of wrinkles.
– Healing agent that is effective in relieving pain and inflammation.
– UVA & UVB Filter.
– Protects longevity of skin stem cells and delays senescence of essential skin cells.

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